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Existing 4 years Adwind RAT Trojan still not detected by antiviruses

Existing 4 years Adwind RAT Trojan still not detected by antiviruses

by sigismund » 2016-07-06 09:51:43

Experts have discovered a new spam campaign spreading malware.

The researchers Heimdal Security found a spam campaign to distribute a Trojan for remote access called Adwind RAT. Trojan is a malware cross-platform with extensive functionality. In particular, Adwind RAT is able to install on infected computers is in the computer to steal data and give attackers the ability to remotely control the infected computer.

According to Heimdal Security, the campaign was launched last weekend and has affected only residents of Denmark. However, experts believe that soon it will spread to other countries. The attackers send a Trojan in emails containing a malicious attachment (file name. Doc[Number].jar). As shown by the test using the VirusTotal service, currently Adwind RAT is not detected by any antivirus solution is quite strange, because it was first discovered four years ago.

About the malware became known in 2012, when it was known as Frutas RAT. Later Trojan also identified as Unrecom RAT (February 2014), AlienSpy (October 2014), JSocket, and RAT (June 2015). Having infected the system, Adwind RAT makes it part of a botnet managed by the server jmcoru.alcatelupd [.] Xyz is also involved in other malicious campaigns to spread RAT.
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