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With hacked the website of the Albanian mafia leaked the list of customers of hired murders

With hacked the website of the Albanian mafia leaked the list of customers of hired murders

by 1127 » 2016-05-15 12:06:11

Hacker named bRpsd hacked website, which is allegedly linked with the Albanian mafia and the killings, beatings and other services of this kind. He published information about users of the site, the orders, which they did, and the correspondence of administrators with young killers.

It is unknown whether the website Besa Mafia of the TOR network was founded by a criminal organization from Albania. It is alleged that in 2013 the Albanian criminals allegedly interested in the success of the Silk Road, and they decided to follow in his footsteps. Open their website allowed you to order crimes. Payment had occurred with Bitcoin after the presentation of evidence that the order is actually executed.

Hacker, hacked Besa Mafia, posted the stolen information on file sharing April 23, but the press found out about it only recently. Published data are files in CSV format, containing 2682 personal messages and 38 orders, information on 320 user accounts, including, among other things, their email addresses, as well as an archive with photographs and sixty of the victims and administrator passwords.

Edition Softpedia quoted some orders with Besa Mafia, the hacker published. The author of one of them asks you to kill the girl. To avoid noise, he advises to waylay her when she will return to school, and adds that it would be better to do it before Monday. Another customer wants the mafia intimidated the indebted woman. He says when she takes the kid to daycare, and asks her to say in German: "Give back". A couple of orders associated with the beatings.

A personal message contains the correspondence between the site administrators and people who would like to become contract killers. They have Besa Mafia was ready for the test: set fire to someone's car and film the process on video, showing at the beginning a leaf with the name of the administrators. These videos really can be found on Youtube and other video sites.
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According to other reports, administrators of the site Besa Mafia willingly communicate with representatives of law enforcement bodies of different countries. They assure them that no murderers there, and about orders immediately recognizes the police. As it is combined with burning cars, is not entirely clear.
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With hacked the website of the Albanian mafia leaked the list of customers of hired murders

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it is for most all deputies, because only they have such amount)
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